1 Instant websites and hosting for residents associations (homeowners associations)

2 A community bulletin board for small groups of residents associations in an area.

Instant Website and hosting

No design effort by residents association. Website is up as soon as information on the association is filled in on simple forms presented. Free for 30 days. The small fee thereafter for hosting is more than recouped by advertisements on the website by merchants in the area of the residents association.

Community bulletin board

A free bulletin board for approximately 2000 residences. If the number of residences in a single residents association exceeds 2000, the bulletin board will be only for that residents association. Otherwise nearby residents associations have a common bulletin board. For example four residents assoications that together have 2300 residences will share a bulletin board. Having a large number of residences, but not too large, ensures that posts on the board reaches a large area. The community bulletin board of nearby residents associations is not carried on the websites of the residents associations. Rather, it is provided as a stand-alone Bulletin Board of OurArea.


2 Board Members

20 Members

20 Gallery

10 Events

3 Advertisement

FREE /15 Days


10 Board Members

50 Members

100 Gallery

40 Events

10 Advertisement

$100 INR /1 Year


20 Board Members

200 Members

300 Gallery

100 Events

20 Advertisement

$300 /1 Year

Set up your Association website with OurArea.